Improvised Weapon Melee In A Federal Prison

News broke out last September 8 about an improvised weapon melee that happened inside the Herlong federal prison.  Here’s the link to the news:

Herlong Prison in Lockdown

The report is saying that the melee started in the recreation yard involving 20 inmates at around 1:35 pm.  Just like any prison riot, inmates started using improvised weapons that they made using normally innocent materials.

The prison is mum about the details of the melee, but they did say that there were 6 inmates who were injured.  Prison guards and staff members were also injured when they tried to stop the melee using non-lethal force.

The report didn’t offer much information but insiders are saying that the fight started over a…are you ready for this?  The fight started over a TV.  They’re saying that the fight was between blacks and Mexicans and a group wanted the TV and the other group didn’t want to give it up.  So some kicks were given and the melee continued outside on the recreation yard where they dug up their improvised weapons.

They’re also saying that there were actually 200 inmates involved, as the melee spilled over to the compound.  Inmates who were locked in also had their war inside the compound.  There were also 20 injured inmates who were taken to hospitals outside the prison.

The prison was on lockdown over the weekend.

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