Home Defense Weapons – Handgun Versus Shotgun

Ask 10 people about their home defense weapons and you’ll find that they’re a merry mix of handguns and shotguns.  Obviously, each person has his own preference.  So it’s a matter of knowing the pros and cons of each one.



  • Generally will not penetrate walls and hit your family or neighbors
  • Ability to load non-lethal ammos
  • More intimidating
  • Easier to aim and hit
  • More stopping power


  • Hard to operate around tight corners
  • Hard to store
  • Can be easily deflected at close quarters
  • Not discreet

More people will tell you that the shotgun is the better choice for home defense just for the intimidation factor alone.  Pump a shotgun and the sound will surely have your perpetrator running outside your home.  It’s also comforting to know that it’s generally not going to go through walls and hit innocent people.

While the length is a concern due to lack of maneuverability, you can get one with a shorter barrel.



  • Discreet
  • Easy to store
  • Easy maneuverability even on tight corners
  • Harder to deflect


  • Less stopping power
  • Harder to hit target
  • Can hit through walls

So if you’re going to look at it, the shotgun is the better home defense weapon while the handgun is the better everyday weapon.  But really, it’s up to you on which one you’re more comfortable.  I suggest that you take them to a range and try shooting both to see which one is more effective for you.  Or, you can be like this guy who has both:

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