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Medieval Armor and Weaponry – How Effective Were They?

The middle ages brought one of the most fascinating warfare in history – medieval warfare.  These times introduced medieval armor and weaponry.  Here are some of the most popular weapons during that time:


Medieval Axe

A battle axe, especially those with long handles, is very accurate and deadly.  They are known to break through armors just enough to inflict damage on enemies.

Axes are still widely used today although not for warfare.  While it can still inflict huge damage, it’s not a good everyday weapon because you can’t conceal it.


Medieval Sword

On the other hand, a sword is the weapon of choice for horsemen.  It can easily be operated using one hand even on a galloping horse.  Swordsmen were the most feared in medieval wars especially in close quarters.

A sword can still be really effective today.  However, its length will be an issue since no one would carry one outside the home.  A good knife is a better choice for an everyday weapon.


Medieval Mace

A mace may not look much, but it can be really destructive especially if put in the hands of strong knights.  A powerful swing can knock anyone off a horse even with complete armor.  They can also make dents on armors that will make it harder for the knight to move.

This blunt weapon is simply too bulky to be used as a weapon today.  There are other blunt weapons that you can use as a weapon that will be less effective, but more handy.  A pocket stick is very effective if you know where to hit.

Here are some popular armors during medieval times:

Full body armor

Medieval Armor

It goes without saying that full body armor is your best bet if you wanted to survive back then.  A good armor can withstand normal attacks and further developments made it easier to move inside one.

However, it wouldn’t make sense to use one today for obvious reasons.  Knowledge of defensive hand to hand combat would be a more logical option.

Chain mail armor

Chain Mail Armor

This is the full body armor’s lite version.  Depending on the weave, this armor can withstand slashing and penetrating weapons like spears and swords.  However, it wouldn’t stand a chance against blunt weapons like mace.

The theory is still in use today with stab vests.  While it’s lighter than full body armor, it’s still too heavy if you’re going to depend on it for armor today.  Again, knowledge of defensive hand to hand combat is a more logical choice.

Without question, medieval armor and weaponry were very effective in the past.  While they would still be effective today, there are more logical choices that you should check out.

World War 2 Weapon Feature: The Flamethrower

The 2nd World War featured a lot of weapons, some of them effective and some of them not.  There were weapons designed to take down enemy combatants and there were weapons designed to take down infrastructures.  But there was a World War 2 weapon that was able to do both effectively – the flamethrower.

WARNING: This video features gruesome images.

“When we can’t dig them out, we burn them out!”

This line from the narrator puts into context the effectiveness and efficiency of this weapon.  As you can see, the range of this weapon is simply outstanding and judging from the images of fallen enemy combatants, they died a slow and painful death.

The flamethrower is often used by sweeping from side to side, leaving a blaze of inferno in its trail.  It was very effective in flushing the enemy out of holes or killing them inside their once secured holes.  It was also used to take down infrastructures and enemy vehicles.

Obviously, it’s not used anymore by modern military except for field testing.  However, people can still see it in action in demonstrations and commemorative exercises.