World War 2 Weapon Feature: The Flamethrower

The 2nd World War featured a lot of weapons, some of them effective and some of them not.  There were weapons designed to take down enemy combatants and there were weapons designed to take down infrastructures.  But there was a World War 2 weapon that was able to do both effectively – the flamethrower.

WARNING: This video features gruesome images.

“When we can’t dig them out, we burn them out!”

This line from the narrator puts into context the effectiveness and efficiency of this weapon.  As you can see, the range of this weapon is simply outstanding and judging from the images of fallen enemy combatants, they died a slow and painful death.

The flamethrower is often used by sweeping from side to side, leaving a blaze of inferno in its trail.  It was very effective in flushing the enemy out of holes or killing them inside their once secured holes.  It was also used to take down infrastructures and enemy vehicles.

Obviously, it’s not used anymore by modern military except for field testing.  However, people can still see it in action in demonstrations and commemorative exercises.


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